The Sunday Scoop 1.24.21 – Your Weekly Roundup

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diy mask spray:  

I posted this easy, three ingredient mask spray on Instagram and Tik Tok, and found it to be useful for so many people I knew I had to share it here too.

Just a few sprays on your mask before wearing will help soothe your skin and make it more pleasurable to wear.  At least it does that for me!

Fill a small spray bottle almost full with filtered water, then add 3-5 drops of both tea tree oil and lavender essential oils.  I buy these small amber bottles from amazon, and use this and this oil.  These make a sweet little gift, perhaps along with a pretty mask, for a neighbor or family member too.  

I have this pack of masks and they are the most comfortable I’ve ever found.  I plan to pick up this set of tie dye ones too, which are really fun.  They wash well, and the price is good too.  


articles around the web:

Well and Good – Betty White turns 99!  She shares her secrets for aging well with joy. 

Vogue – A collection of fabulous Airbnb’s from Finland to Montana.  I’ve delved deeper into travel reading since we can’t exactly go anywhere.  It’s not the same, but it scratches the itch!  I’ll take them all, please. 

House and Garden – Anyone else have a strong affinity to English cottages in the countryside?  I feel that might be where I belong someday (maybe I’ve just watched The Holiday too many times).  I love the feature on this cozy woodland cottage, and could move right in, though it might be just a tad heavy on the florals for my husband.   


winter skincare:

Real talk:  my skin has seen better days.  I am aware I’m not alone in this.  These are a few moisturizing products at different price points that I’ve been using to give me the extra moisture boost I need.

  • Weleda Skin Food – I cannot say enough about this cream.  It is ultra rich, and extremely hydrating.  I use it on my face as well as my neck, hands, cuticles, and wherever else I need it.  You can’t beat the price either.
  • Belif:  The True Cream Aqua Bomb – This lotion is less rich and creamy than Weleda, but is very moisturizing and blends in well.  It’s also very soothing to the skin, so if you have sensitive skin or your skin is irritated it’s a great option.
  • Sunday Riley:  ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream –  This moisturizer is really luxurious, and while it’s not as cheap as Weleda, it has the quality and feel of a cream that is far more expensive than it is.  I love it at night.


designing a meditation corner:

I love the idea of having a little space in my home for “me” time.  Something that is intentional, thoughtful, and evokes a feeling of peace and serenity.  It doesn’t need to be large, or decorated with incense and floor pillows for it to be special.  Jeremiah Brent provides 5 design tips for creating a peaceful corner of your own.  

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