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$20 Kids Thermal Pajamas

These $20 kids’ pajamas are really soft and keep my kids warm without making them sweaty. They have them in multiple colors.

$20 Kids Pajamas

I love this line of pajamas, and this style can be used as pajamas or thermal underwear. I have multiple colors for each of my kids.

Kids Gratitude Journal

This little $7 journal is a great gift for kids to start the gratitude practice. I picked up one for both of mine for Christmas.

Boy’s Leggings

If you have a boy like mine, he wants to wear shorts in the winter. These are great quality and affordable to wear underneath

Scavenger Hunt Game

My kids love playing this game, and it’s a low-lift way to spend time together inside in the colder months and rainy days.

Silicone Tongs For Kids

This colorful set of tongs for kids makes meal time a bit more fun, and us moms need all the help we can get.

Electric Pencil Sharpener

Back to School = Homework. Save your sanity and pick up this electric pencil sharpener.

Halloween Family Puzzle

Kids love puzzles, it’s science. I picked up this puzzle to get into the holiday spirit and enjoy doing together this fall.

Family Conversation Cards

This pack of 200 cards helps your family put the phones away and actually connect, needed now more than ever!

Linen Storage Containers

We use these in our playroom, and I just picked up two more sets for closet storage. They hold up so well and keep everything (somewhat) organized.

Family Documents Organizer

I have one of these for each of the kids, perfect for keeping important papers and documents at hand and neatly organized.

Stasher Lunch and Travel Food Bags

My kids love the colorful shades of these reuseable silicon bags, I use them for transporting snacks to and from school or activities in place of single-use ziploc bags.

Car Seat Organizer

I just purchased these car seat organizers for my car, they keep everything from water bottles, tissues, books, or a tablet all in one place in the backseat for the kids.

Kids’ Shoe Sizer

Because, really, who ever knows what size shoes to buy for these kids season to season? This takes the guesswork out.

Back To School: Kids’ Sherpa Jacket

My kids jackets get trashed, as they should, so I don’t like to spend a lot of $ on them. I’ve been buying these every fall for three years, they are affordable, comfortable and work with whatever they decide to wear.

Beach Game Towel

A beach towel that comes with wooden pieces to play checkers and backgammon. Brilliant.

Bubble Machine

I wish someone told me about this bubble machine when my kids were babies, thankfully I eventually caught on and we still use ours all summer at ages 4 and 6.

Microwave Popcorn Popper

$14 for the ability to make fresh popcorn in minutes in your microwave. We use ours all the time.

Little Girl’s Rattan Bag

This is one of Coco’s favorite bags, and the best part is the strap can be removed to use the little house as a toy or room decor. It’s adorable.

Children’s book: What Should Danny Do?

This series is great for teaching young kids about the power of choice – I’ve just ordered this one in time for summer vacation.

Reusable Water Balloons

My kids haven’t stopped playing with these since we got them, we use them all summer long.

Travel Game Trio

For the moms of littles going on trips this summer, this set of card games comes in handy in the car, at restaurants, you name it.

Erasable Colored Pens

If you color-code your family schedule like I do, these erasable colored gel ink pens are a gift from the heavens.

The Kids’ Summer Shoes I Repurchase Every Year

My kids LIVE in these in the summer. They are breathable, comfortable, perfect for water play and come in tons of colors.

Water Bottle Storage

Two of these units saves space and sanity in your cupboards if you’re like me and swimming in water bottles. Such a smart storage solution!

Ready To Rise Kids Alarm Clock

We use this alarm clock in Caroline’s room and it’s really helped her learn when it’s time to wake up, and when it’s NOT.

Kids Water Bottles

I’ve tried 20 different kinds of kids’ water bottles and these are the best. Leakproof and drinks stay cold all day.

Mommy + Me Robes – Mini

One of my absolute favorite robes now comes in a mini version! Unsurprisingly, I just ordered one for Caroline and our evenings are just a bit more special for it.

Tabletop Drawing Paper Dispenser

If your kids like drawing as much as mine do, this is a must. No more “mommy, I need more paper” every 5 minutes, it keeps them occupied and happy.

Kids Coloring Playhouse

I’ve shared these before, and they continue to be something I purchase every couple of months. These cardboard coloring houses lay flat to color, and then fold up into a play house. They come in lots of themes and keep my kids busy for WEEKS.

Kids Thermal Long Johns

I bought these buttery soft long johns for our whole family and they didn’t disappoint. The reviews were amazing so I took the chance and can attest they are easy to wear, keep you warm, and come in lots of colors for an unbeatable price.