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OXO 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

If you buy one set of mixing bowls it should be these. They are sturdy thanks to a gripped bottom which keeps the bowls in place while you mix and really durable. I use mine weekly for baking and more.

The Viral Stanley Cup

Is it hyped up? Yes. Do I love it? Also, yes. I use mine most when I’m going to be out all day and want to stay hydrated, and it’s ideal for warm weather days spent at the beach. Liquids stay cold, and it fits in the cup holder in my car despite it’s (very) large size.

Sauce Spoon

If you’re a serious cook, you may know about these spoons. It’s the professional holy grail for a reason, it’s ideal for saucing, basting, tasting while cooking and even serving. The slight taper at the end, the comfortable handle, the durability: its perfection.

The Dinnerware You’re Always Asking About

These are the shallow bowls you see me using for soups, salads, and pasta in my videos and the ones you’re always asking me about. They are microwave and dishwasher safe and fit for everyday as well as company. Love them.

Juliska Berry & Thread Rectangular Baker

I love Juliska’s Berry and Thread Collection, they are beautiful and versatile for everyday or holiday. This is a perfect size for baking a one-pan meal like lasagna, casseroles, or meatballs and taking straight to the table.

Dinner: Changing the Game: A Cookbook

Melissa Clark, the NY Times Food Contributor, is a legend in the recipe development space, and the brains behind dozens of best selling cookbooks. This cookbook focuses solely on the most challenging meal for us all – dinner.

Stand Mixer Beater Blade Attachment

This beater blade is a GAME CHANGER. It is so frustrating when the beater of my mixer does not catch all of the food. This tool grabs everything so you don’t need to do any extra mixing.

My Go-To Dutch Oven

I first fell in love with the fine French cookware brand, Staub, when working for Martha Stewart. She loves the brand, and now so do I. I use this beautiful 5 quart dutch oven all the time for soups, stews, and braises and it still looks good as new. On major sale right now, run don’t walk!

Souper Cubes Freezer Containers

You’ve seen these genius freezer food containers all over my blog posts and videos, because I use them multiple times a week. I portion out leftover tomato paste in the tablespoon portioned containers, leftover coconut milk, applesauce in the 1/2 cup containers, and freeze stock and leftover soup in the 2 cup containers. Once it’s frozen, I transfer to freezer safe bags and I’m that much closer to dinner on a future busy evening.