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SuperGoop Glow Stick SPF 50

This Supergoop Glow Stick is SPF 50 and has a bit of sheen to it. I like to put this underneath my eyes when I’m feeling dry. It can also act as a highlighter.

Embryolisse Moisturizer

This is a classic makeup artist favorite, it’s the perfect cream to use to prep skin for makeup without adding too much shine.

Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse

Dermalogica is an incredible skincare brand, and this light oil gets off makeup, sunscreen, you name it prior to your PM face wash.

Inexpensive Kabuki Brush

You don’t have to spend a lot on makeup brushes. This is the one I use and love for skin tint or foundation and the price is fantastic.

Amber Glass Bottles

I decant skincare lotions, oils and soaps into these both for on the counter and in cabinets. The organizer in me appreciates it.

My Go-To Red Nail Polish

This is the perfect red nail polish in my opinion, similar to Big Apple Red by OPI but this is long wear. Get this pack with the top coat and you’ll be able to go a full week without much chipping.

The Best Hair Brush

I use this boar bristle brush everyday, it’s similar to the Maison Pearson one but 1/4 of the price!

Urban Decay Eyeliner

I’ve been loving this eyeliner lately, the plum color is softer than black and it stays put all day. It’s the best.

Body Exfoliator

This is my favorite scrub for the shower, it sloughs off dry skin and keeps skin smooth to allow moisturizer to penetrate better. A must for winter.

Anti-Aging Eye Cream

I’ve been using this for about two months, it contains retinol and peptides and I love the nourishing consistency. It’s not cheap, but a little goes a long way so it lasts you.

Under $10 Tinted Lip Balm

I love this stuff. It’s moisturizing and provides just enough color to brighten your lips.

My Favorite Dry Shampoo

Lightweight, Paraben and Sulfate-Free, leaves no white residue and it WORKS.

Body Glow Lotion

I use this lotion a few times a week to maintain a subtle body glow, it also evens skin tone and doesn’t have that “tanning lotion” smell we all want to avoid!

Aqua Bomb Moisturizer

I use this every morning, it’s lightweight yet incredibly hydrating and refreshing and since it’s a gel base it’s never greasy.

Split-End Hair Serum

My stylist used this on my hair before cutting it at my last appointment to show me how well it worked. It binds the ends of dry hair making split ends unnoticeable. It’s amazing.

Makeup Mirror

My vanity makeup mirror that I can’t believe I lived so long without.

A New Skin Serum I’m Excited About!

Brand new to the market, this is THE all-in-one skin serum for all of you who don’t want an elaborate skincare routine but still want hydrating, brightening, and plumping.

Ilia Bronzer

I love how soft and blendable this bronzer is, it always leaves you looking sun-kissed and natural

Morning face toner

I use this inexpensive rosewater toner every morning before my moisturizer and SPF. It’s refreshing, hydrating, and smells great.

Ilia Multi-Stick

I take this mauve-rose multi-stick on every vacation with me – it’s the most compact way to add an instant flush of color to cheeks and lips.

Summer Moisturizer

I use this well-priced moisturizer every single morning of the summer. It’s lightweight, hydrating, and SO refreshing for the skin.

My Everyday Tinted Sunscreen

Melts into the skin and gives delicate, SPF 40 coverage for all the days I don’t want to wear “makeup.

My Signature Summer Perfume

I have worn this perfume since I was 23 (so 5 years ago :)). It is instant happiness for me and the one I reach for most in the summer.

Setting Spray Sunscreen

Reapply sunscreen without messing with your makeup – I use this all summer long.

Purple Shampoo

I use this purple shampoo once a month, or whenever my highlights are starting to look brassy. It’s the best for neutralizing the yellow and giving you that “fresh color” look.

Kids Colored Bath Tablets

If you’re like me and desperate for ways to keep your kids entertained in the bath, these tablets are made with natural ingredients and turn the bath water fizzy and colorful.

Fun Toiletry Bags

At $10 for 2, you can’t go wrong. I use the green checkered one in my beach tote and Caroline stole the pink one to put her crayons in for outings.

Self Tanner

This is the best self-tanning product I’ve ever tried, it goes on streak-free and gives you a beautiful, natural tan without transferring onto sheets and clothing. I suggest using their mit for application too!

Frizz-Busting Hair Serum

This is the serum I use on my hair after I blow dry it. It’s particularly wonderful in the warmer months when humidity is high, but it smells so good and provides such great shine that I use it year round.

Wet Brush

This is the only brush I use on my wet hair. It’s gentle, yet actually gets through your strands and you cannot beat the price.

Bronzing Face Mist

Just a few spritzes under or over your makeup and you will be subtly bronzed with 3 hours. It doesn’t transfer onto clothing or sheets and it smells great.

My Go-To Lip Mask

Not a night goes by where I don’t slather thin on my lips before going to bed. It smells great and keeps my lips hydrated while I sleep.

Nail Strengthener

I learned about this incredible Brazilian nail hardener from an old manicurist who would bring some back from Brazil each time she went home to visit. Thanks to Amazon, it’s now a whole lot easier to get.

Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40

This is what I wear almost every day on my face. I take good care of my skin and like to be able to see it! This light, dewy coverage is perfection. I’m shade Paloma.

The Best Heavy Duty Moisturiser

I call this a La Mer dupe, I’ve used La Mer in the past and yes it’s rich and luxurious but it’s also hundreds of dollars. I like this one even better and use it daily on not only my face but my hands and feet. At less than $20, there’s no reason not to lather up.

Makeup Remover Towels

These are some kind of magic. I had been using random washcloths for years up until a few months ago when I saw these and ordered them. The texture will get makeup right off your face without just smearing it around, and they are the perfect size for a single use. I have two packs and use them nightly.

Ouai Leave In Conditioner

A heat protectant and leave in conditioner in one, it’s the best I’ve ever used. It conditions my hair without weighing it down and smells floral and fresh.

Supergoop Glowscreen SPF

This is one of my desert island skin products – I wear it everyday especially in the winter when my skin feels pale and lackluster. It is SPF40 and provides a beautiful glow to your skin to be worn under or in place of makeup. I’d be lost without it (as you can see from the labeling that is wearing off from my hands reaching for it every day!)

My Favorite No-Fragrance Fragrance

I found out about this fragrance company from a celebrity makeup artist on social media and am so glad I did. My love of fragrance is very real, but I can sometimes get headaches from scents that are very strong. This is the perfect everyday fragrance, clean and fresh with subtle warm undertones. I even wear a little spritz to workout, that’s how gentle it is. It smells like you, only better.