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Car Cleaning Gels

For less than $10 you get two of these reusable cleaning gels that get into the cupholders, vents, and little compartments of your car that need cleaning. I use mine once a month if not more.

Ouai Leave In Conditioner

A heat protectant and leave in conditioner in one, it’s the best I’ve ever used. It conditions my hair without weighing it down and smells floral and fresh.

Car Trash Can

Think you can’t get excited about a garbage can? Think again. This $11 trash can is petite, fitting right into the driver’s side door bin, and helps me keep my car clean of wrappers, tissues, straws, juice boxes… you know the drill.

The Best $40 Bed Sheets

These are surprisingly worth the hype. I am typically a Boll and Branch girl, but couldn’t resist trying these out for only $40 to see what the fuss was about. They are, in fact, amazing.

My Newest Candle Obsession: Jawea

I was introduced to these gorgeous, handmade candles from a small, woman owned business, at a LTK brunch recently and had never seen anything like them. They smell soft, warm, and fresh at the same time and the craftsmanship is incredible. I’m keeping some on hands for last minute gifts (and also for myself).

Classic Turkish Cotton Towels

We have these luxe Turkish Cotton towels in the kids’ and master baths in our home. They are soft, quick-drying and feel like they should be double the price. The bath sheets are oversized and cozy and I love the muted colors. We have both the Mineral and Dusk colors.

Jewelry Cleaning Pen

This is one of those genius products that you can’t believe wasn’t invented before. This little pen is filled with jewelry cleaning solution and can be brushed onto your diamonds, gemstones, gold, silver… you name it to get that sparkle back in an instant.

Canopy Humidifier

This is the best humidifier on the market, and a must for my bedtime routine as it moisturizes my skin overnight. I’ve tried others and they were hard to keep clean and maintain. No mold growth, it looks cute on any bedside table or countertop, and it fills up to 500 square feet with hydrated air.

Glasses Wipes Lens Cleaner

I have a handful of these scattered all over my house, in my purse, and my car. I use them to quickly clean sunglasses, my phone, my laptop screen, the kids’ tablets and more. Brilliant.

Acrylic Shelf Dividers

I now use these in all of our closets, they slide onto shelves easily and keep clothing, purses, scarves, etc. organized without toppling over

Newgate Alarm Clock

Why is it so hard to find a pretty alarm clock?! I need a clock right by my bed, and love the minimal, neutral look of this one. They come in multiple colorways and are great in kids’ bedrooms too.

My under $300 standing desk treadmill

If you follow my Instagram stories you know that if I’m working on my computer, I’m walking. I purchased this under $300 walking treadmill a few months ago and it has changed my fitness game. No assembly is required and it slides away easily when you want it out of sight, though I leave mine right under my desk where I can’t ignore it.

White Marble Tissue Box Cover

A real marble tissue box cover for less than $25?! Yes please.