The Sunday Scoop 11.15.20

The Sunday Scoop 11.15.20


When was the last time you visited a local farm in your area? We all know how the pandemic has effected the restaurant business, but it’s effected the wholesale produce and grocery businesses just as much.

We’ve been frequenting a nearby gem called Ambler Farm this fall and it’s such a special place.  Not only do our kids love seeing the animals and running around the spacious fields, but it’s an easy way to give back to these hard working establishments that bring food to our communities.

If you’re in Fairfield County, Ambler Farm’s farm stand will be open for one last week on November 23 and 24th so consider stopping by to pick up some beautiful locally grown vegetables, fruit, and small batch maple syrup.  I hope to see you there!


If you like MFK Fisher, you will love this book.

Tamar Adler writes about food, yes, but the real magnificence is in how she opens up my eyes to all of the possibilities at my disposal.  An Everlasting Meal is a must read for anyone who wants to be shown how to cook with economy and grace.  


HBO does television SO well, and we’ve been loving The Undoing.  Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant star in this thriller written by David E. Kelley (Big Little Lies anyone?) that has me looking forward to Sunday night.  


I just ordered this adorable advent calendar for Christmas this year and can’t wait to hang it.  With my kids being 2 and 4, it’s the first year they will both be able to engage in the preparation and excitement of the holiday.  Of course, I’ll have to put chocolates in each envelope the day they open it or there’s no chance they will last until Christmas!


Giving back will look a bit different this year, but there are always local food banks and drives that can use canned goods and staples to give to those less fortunate. 

Another way to help is by offering to do grocery shopping for an elderly or at-risk neighbor.  This article provides some creative ways you can think about giving this Thanksgiving.

I volunteered at a locally owned grocery store a few months ago, doing grocery shopping for email orders and it really was very rewarding.  In a time where so much feels out of our control, it’s nice to start small, where we are.  


When the temperatures drop, I reach for all things cozy, and I’m loving this Mom Bag by Studio Noos.  It’s handmade, really spacious and lightweight, and is what I reach for most days when I’m out with the kids.  The price is great, too. 

If you’re in Fairfield County, CT, one of my favorite local shops, Wee Mondine, just got in a new order, but hurry because they sell out fast.  


November always translates to LOTS of squash.  Pumpkin, delicata, acorn, butternut, I’ll take it any way I can get it.  

I’ve made this fabulous recipe for years and it never gets old.  Feel free to sub in butternut squash for the kabocha, I always do.  The combination of roasted squash, creamy ricotta, and apple cider vinegar always makes me happy.

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