The Sunday Scoop 12.13.20

The Sunday Scoop 12.13.20


Christmas Movies – When it comes to holiday movies, there are certain ones I turn to year after year, and this one is a true favorite.  Have you seen it?  It’s the perfect mix of comedy, drama, and nostalgia and it gets better with time, like most holiday films.  


Holiday Children’s Books – If you have a child that loves trucks and all things construction as much as I do, this book is a must.  My mother got it for William and he is in love with it.  I break it out a few weeks before Christmas and we read it through New Years Eve.  



Holiday Decor – I’ve been lucky enough to be in London before the holidays, and the department stores there do it RIGHT.  Harrods, in particular, decks out every inch of their store, and the energy is really magnificent.  These baubles make me feel like a little piece of that magnificence is home with us. 

Ever since I was a little girl I have been fascinated by nutcrackers.  I find them mysterious and beautiful, there is something about them that feels very alive to me.  I am starting to build on my family’s collection and Etsy has some fabulous vintage options for a great price point.


Holiday Attire – Whatever I’m wearing, I usually have this coat on top of it.  It instantly helps me look pulled together whether Im wearing denim, sweats, or a dress.  The quality far surpasses the price point. 

When it comes to kids holiday pajamas, Primary is my favorite source.  The prints are simple, the fabric is sturdy and soft, and the price is really good.  Can’t beat that.  


Holiday MusicThis Spotify playlist has become a favorite, I have it playing at home and in the car all season long.


Holiday Lunches – Persimmons have graced the market shelves, and that means persimmon toast for lunch.  Persimmon is a mild, sweet fruit that looks like an orange tomato and is best eaten when soft and ripe.  I love to to slice them and add them to toast smeared with goat or cream cheese and topped with lime, sea salt, and pumpkin seeds.  Delicious.

persimmon toast

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