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Scott Galloway “Don’t Follow Your Passion” – This short snippet from Tech Leader and NYU Stern Marketing Professor Scott Galloway has really stuck with me.  I’ve started to listen to his Podcasts and am always left with so much food for thought and opportunities for self reflection around both my career and the role of media and technology in today’s world.


Techniques to get through hard times:

Dr. Becky at Home – I came across Dr. Becky via Instagram, where she has a hefty arsenal of short and long videos to tackle a multitude of parenting and family struggles.  Her approach is compassionate and practical, and always includes actionable advice that can be implemented at once.  I love this simple self-talk practice to get through hard times, and the idea that we share it with each other.  

Mimi Thorisson’s home in France – Like all of us I’m sure, I miss the ability to travel to beautiful, new places and discover different cultures, food, and architecture.  I fulfill this wanderlust by opening my favorite cookbooks and coffee table books, and reading features like this one, showcasing Mimi Thorisson’s beautiful French country home.


Grocery Shopping in 2021:

Does anyone else struggle with opening produce bags in the grocery store while wearing a mask?   The days of a swift lick of the finger are behind us, that’s for sure.  I probably should have done this long ago in my effort to reduce single-use plastic consumption, but I’ve finally picked up these reusable produce bags and I love them. 

My mother picked up a set of reusable grocery bags for me last year, and having an organized, single color set has made shopping feel more manageable.  I used to rifle around for the random tote bags I had collected and never seemed to have them when I needed them.  This set has great reviews and the price is very good.  


Morning routines:

For the last year or so, I’ve started my morning with a warm glass of water with half of a lemon and a pinch of pink Himalyan salt.  The combination helps to balance the body’s PH and aids in digestion, feeling like a small act of self care to start the day.

I follow that with a blended, frothy coffee made with collagen powder, almond milk creamer and a bit of stevia.  The collagen is a great supplement for the skin, and I swear by this one.  Most stevia is quite bitter, but this brand I’ve used for years and it tastes delicious, is all natural, and provides a soft and pleasant sweetness.  A little goes a long way.

Have you made the Easy Vegan Eggnog I posted a few weeks ago?  That has seriously upped my coffee game and is a delicious way to turn your morning coffee into something a bit more special.


Two Easy Indoor Activities for Young Children:

The winter days at home can feel long, and with a two and four year old at home sometimes I run out of age-appropriate activities to do with them.  Thankfully, we have resources to help when my creativity in that department is running dry.

  • Rainbow Pasta – I get lots of inspiration from my girlfriend, neighbor, and fellow blogger, Lindsey of Home with the Harrisons.  She posted the cutest idea for colorful pasta that I’ll be doing with the kids this weekend.  I think they’ll love it. 
  • Scavenger Hunts – When I was a little girl, my father used to play “hide the ladies” with my friends and me, where he would hide my little dolls all over the house.  It is such a simple game, and it was my absolute favorite.  We now play “hide the dinosaurs” and do scavenger hunts often.  It gives kids something active to do to get some energy out and sometimes even gives me a couple of minutes of alone time!  Here is useful list of ideas with some free printables for you, too.

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  1. Almost forgot to mention…those reusable produce bags currently offer a coupon for 25% off…all it takes is one click and the price is adjusted at check-out.

  2. I just ordered the reusable produce bags that you recommended, and can’t wait to get them! Yes, trying to open those awful plastic bags provided by the grocery store without a lick of the finger is near impossible! Thanks for the great tip. And the bonus is a reduction in plastic consumption…every little bit helps!

  3. I so look forward to Sunday mornings; I pour a second cup of coffee and read the Sunday Scoop. You have so many good ideas of things to read, listen to and do. It has become part of my Sunday morning routine. This week, I especially enjoyed “Don’t Follow Your Passion”. Also, I love the reusable grocery bags, do t know how I ever did without them!