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Make-Ahead Gravy  (Gluten Free)

Make-Ahead Gravy (Gluten Free)

The day I found out I could make my Thanksgiving gravy ahead of time was the day my whole holiday life changed.  Where had I been?! For many of us, myself included, making gravy the day of Thanksgiving always felt a bit stressful.  Will there…

DIY Holidays:  Christmas Simmer Pot Home Fragrance

DIY Holidays: Christmas Simmer Pot Home Fragrance

We are in full on Christmas mode over here, and that means all the sounds, tastes, and smells we can get.  This Christmas simmer pot is like a potpourri made on your stovetop, covered with water and slowly releasing all of those festive smells into…

DIY Oat Flour

DIY Oat Flour

You will come across a lot of oat flour in my recipes.  It’s one of my favorite flours to use for gluten free baking as it is nice and dense, but still soft, and lends a subtle sweetness to baked goods.  I usually use it…